Jeremy has a real kind and gentle spirit that I noticed right away. Getting a reading from him was one of the smartest things I have ever done. He was the push I needed to move forward in living my life purpose. I am so looking forward to my next reading from him!


I met Jeremy about a year ago and I was drawn to his amazing energy. So welcoming and heartwarming. His readings are always given with so much wisdom and truth. I have been able to connect with my spirit guides, past lives and Saints through his channeling. He has helped guide and reawaken my gifts and personal journey. I always look forward to when I have an upcoming reading scheduled with him. He is a bright light that the world needs and I am happy to call him my friend!



Jeremy is truly a gifted and compassionate person! Upon our first appointment, I discovered how very caring, intuitive and compassionate Jeremy is. He utilizes all his resources, guides and special people in your life that have passed to give a meaningful and impactful reading. I was amazed at the accuracy of his messages. I have met with Jeremy several times over the past 6 months and will continue to do so because his readings have been extremely positive and helpful for me. I am sure you will find how helpful Jeremy is too!

I must say that Jeremy is an outstanding and gifted new reader on the scene. He is very young, but his readings reflect a maturity beyond his twenty-one years. There is no doubt he is receiving messages and directions and insights from the other side. He astounds you with his right-on input regarding your family and friends who have transitioned. It is so comforting to receive direct communications when he channels Archangel Michael. This opens one up to new directions, and the love from the other side just emanates from him. I am telling all my friends, most of whom are metaphysical enthusiasts like myself, to utilize the in-depth feedback that Jeremy will provide. His readings leave you with a sense of being guided and in good hands with your angels, spirit guides, and your loved ones assisting you in your earthly journey. Do not miss an opportunity for a reading!


My experience with Jeremy was just what my soul needed! I received guidance, love and confirmation about my path! He hit the nail right on the head from the start! He also has devotion to Jesus and Mother Mary among others from the heavenly realms! I’d recommend him to anyone!

I recommend going. Jeremy is the best reader I have ever went to! He is amazing!

I met Jeremy for the first time today for an intuitive reading. He definitely has a God given gift to be able to hear messages from our loved ones who have crossed over. I was amazed. I’ve had psychic readings before, but I have never met anyone like Jeremy. I am so happy that I have found Jeremy.


I love Jeremy’s readings – the information that comes through is to the point and he gives practical advice in a loving, supportive way! Go today – you’ll be happy you did!


I had my first reading with Jeremy at the anniversary celebration. It was beyond my expectations! Everything was on the mark and he shared new insights which has helped me along my journey. I then scheduled a full session. Well, that did not disappoint either. It was amazing! So much information to absorb. I recommend a session to everyone.


The very first time I met Jeremy I knew there was something special about him. Along with being incredibly intuitive, he is an amazing artist and a wonderful teacher. He exudes kindness and love. He has a beautiful soul and and genuinely cares about healing and helping others!


I first met Jeremy – an intuitive reader in March of 2016. I found Jeremy to be very intuitive, knowledgeable, and an expert at his craft. However, what has drawn me back to visit Jeremy is his kind heart, positive attitude, and his instinctive desire to truly help people with his amazing gift. Jeremy has impacted my life by giving me the necessary tools I need to make some positive life changes I was seeking. He is an incredible human being with a truly amazing gift.

Jeremy is a gifted Intuitive Healer. His insights are amazing and he has the ability to tie together the spiritual and the practical. Very highly recommended!!

I highly recommend Jeremy! Since meeting him at Holistic Happenings, I’ve seen him grow into who he is meant to be. Jeremy is a spiritual leader, teacher, and friend. His advice and wisdom has helped guide me and many others on our spiritual paths.

Jeremy is amazing and very gifted. You will always learn something new as Jeremy shares his vast knowledge, through multiple disciplines, as a way to expand and elevate your growth.

I have known Jeremy for a couple years now. His readings , meditations and classes are life changing. He helps people transform there lives through his amazing spiritual connections. Every one of my reading sessions have been spot on. He is so gifted and committed to helping others see there truths.

What a wonderful Spirit! I was so blessed to work with Jeremy and Spirit started sending me signs RIGHT AWAY that I was being guided to work with him. It was pretty magical. Jeremy is a clear channel, a kind soul, and wonderful guide PLUS he has amazing tools. I have benefited greatly from my time spent with him. VERY HIGHLY recommend.

Jeremy is an outstanding spiritual teacher. A very gifted intuitive. His guidance is straight from Spirit. What a loving beautiful soul. He makes mother Mary and all the saints proud. He fills all our hearts with love and light.

My experience here with Jeremy was just what my soul needed! I received guidance, love and confirmation about my path! He hit the nail right on the head from the start! He also has devotion to Jesus and Mother Mary among others from the heavenly realms. I’d recommend him to anyone. And a update to this: My second appointment was very different from my last based on new needs in my life. I walked in and let Jeremy decide where to take this appointment based on our opening conversation. I’m glad I did it this way. Information keeps unfolding since I left there. It was very cozy and comfortable at this new location as well. I look forward to getting energy work done here.

I’ve had the honor of knowing Jeremy for a few years now. He is one of the kindest, most gentle souls I have ever had the privledge to meet. A truly gifted artist and intuitive reader, dedicated to making the world a more loving place.

Elevated Arts is a wonderful addition to Mokena. I love taking classes with Jeremy! We are so blessed to have his business in our community!

Jeremy is in tune with spirit. He helps guide and promote the welfare of others. His intuitive nature allows him to be a facilitator of wisdom, knowledge and truth. He has helped many individuals on their spiritual journeys and is bound to help many more. Jeremy is a light worker whose purpose is to help shine a light on others paths. I would definitely recommend Jeremy’s consultation to those who are considering it!


I experienced a reading from Jeremy August 2016 and my life changed so much for the better in a short period of time after receiving his guidance. It was a special moment for me and I will treasure it forever. Receiving his guidance was truly like passing through a portal to my abundance. Forever walking in gratitude.

Jeremy is the best! He is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable with the spirit world. I have had many sessions with Jeremy and with each one has been amazing! Jeremy has helped me with so many different aspects of my life, explaining so many things about me. He also has helped me tap into my own spiritual gifts. I highly recommend his classes, reiki, meditations and readings! By the way, he also has to be one of the nicest people I have ever met. You will feel like he has always been a part of your life!

Jeremy, you are 5 stars and so much more. Thank you for being such an amazing and important part of my spiritual growth! I can’t wait for our reading next month I have so much to share with you. You have taught me so much yet also sat beside me in classes where we learned together. Elevated Arts is about building community & exploring who we are and why we’re here. Im so grateful to have found you!

Jeremy is the definition of service. He exists on earth to help people heal – emotionally, physically, spiritually. He is humble and genuinely cares, and he realizes that healing is facilitation. He gives his clients the tools they need to do the work of healing themselves, because that is the only way one truly heals. He is very gentle in challenging situations and always makes sure that a person knows they are loved and they have helpers, and he helps them access that love and aid so they can move forward on their path. Personally, my reading helped me on so many levels. It gave me clarity and helped clear a lot of emotional baggage and he sent me home with some easy tasks that kept me growing and expanding. Jeremy is the BEST, bar none! Go see him! You will be so happy you did!!!!!!!!

I met Jeremy about a year and a half ago now and I make sure to visit with him at least once a quarter. His guidance and spiritual gifts have been instrumental in my self discovery of whom I truly am and how to best live my life as that person. I wish I would have met him sooner but I look forward to being a lifelong client and friend in the years to come. He truly is a gift to this earth and he will use his gifts to serve you well.


I feel like I could write a short story on how big of an impact Jeremy has made on my life. I have known Jeremy since he worked front of Holistic–before I knew how incredibly gifted he was. My first reading with Jeremy was life changing, and it’s been about 1.5 years (maybe longer) since my first sit down and I am STILL being guided by those words in our first session. Jeremy helps you see these things in yourself that you’ve overlooked and he helps facilitate in putting you back in tune with the person you are and how that relates to how you exist within your own life. He gave me knowledge of past lives, gave me a better perspective of current/past/future circumstances. Like I said, I could go on forever because he has helped guide me into an extreme amount of personal and professional growth. Thank you for everything Jeremy. You are amazing beyond words and a light so bright that you light up the path of so many people in ways most couldn’t imagine. 


The environment that Jeremy provides is so encouraging and supportive. He has educated me on a variety ways to better myself and to improve my overall mental and emotional health. Anyone who desires to better themselves, heal, and to build a closer relationship with our higher power, I highly recommend that you attend a class or schedule a reading with” Jeremy.

Jeremy is able to read energy. He works with energy and spirits. He is knowledgeable and intuitive. He points you in the right direction and tells you …it is up to you to do the rest.

Wonderful experience! Jeremy is awesome! Feeling very relaxed at the moment.