Intuitive Spiritual Reading

Jeremy is an Intuitive Empath, which means that he uses his Intuition (the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, or conscious reasoning) and being Empathic (being able to sense/feel what others are feeling, either emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally or energetically) to conduct a Reading. During a session, Jeremy utilizes a system his Guides have taught him. This includes a blend of pulling Crystals, Oracle Cards, reading one’s Energy Fields and Channeling Intuitive messages from his Guides and yours. In session, Jeremy becomes a Spiritual Medium, a bridge between this World and the Spirit World. The energies he may sense around you as Guides, and connect you with can range from Passed loved ones, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Saints, Animal Totems, your Higher-Self and anything in between. This depends on which type of energy is needed to bring the message through. A reading with Jeremy is recommended for those that feel stuck or looking for confirmation(s) on a specific subject or issue that one is struggling with or if you are looking for direction and guidance, but there certainly is no need for a specific issue to receive a reading. Jeremy will share messages from your Guides, and give you tools to help you take the next steps on your Journey. This will help with one’s healing process as well as the Evolution of one’s own spirit. Jeremy is honored to be utilizing his gifts to help others & is grateful to be a part of your Journey.

30 minutes for $70
60 minutes for $100

Aura Art Sessions

An Aura Art Session consists of Jeremy channeling the energy of your Auric Field into a drawing. The image is then interpreted by Jeremy to help you connect and understand it even deeper. This session may help one to see what areas of their energy may need more work, and to confirm areas that look very positive. Guides, Spirits, Past lives, Symbols and more may appear in the art and bring a deeper meaning to the image and one’s connection to their energy field. These help to bring a visual component to a usually invisible energy, it helps the naked eye see what surrounds us.

30 minutes for $60

Elevated Art Sessions

Elevated Art Sessions are an integrative service that combines an Aura Art Session with an Intuitive Spiritual Reading. Jeremy utilizes his artistic and intuitive abilities that makes for a unique experience every time. Elevated Art is a form of intuitive art that encompasses many different things. During these sessions Jeremy connects to your energy and creates a channeled image that can either appear in the form of a Spirit Guide, a Past Life, the colors of your Aura, or an abstract art piece. The image is then interpreted by Jeremy to help you connect and understand it even deeper. These sessions help one to get a further outlook on their spirit and of themselves. The image can be used for mediation, placed on a sacred space or used for whatever your heart desires.

60 minutes for $100 ($145 value)
(Intuitive Spiritual Reading & a piece of original Aura Art)

Energy Healing Sessions

These energy sessions are personalized and tailored to each individual client to ensure the most beneficial experience. Jeremy will incorporate a combination of Reiki, Lemurian Light Energy, crystals, sound healing instruments, plus a variety of other modalities. Jeremy invokes the healing energies of The Christ Consciousness, The Blessed Mother, The Holy Spirit, The Archangels, The Saints, The Ascended Masters, and other beings of Light, along with your personal spiritual team, to aide in the Healing process. Each individual appointment is focused on allowing the unconditional Love of the Universe to flow through the client and to amplify the energetic healing and provide a deeper understanding of one’s own spirit. These sessions focus on the removal of energy blockages, stress reduction, chakra balancing, and a wide range of other possibilities. One’s Guides may channel healing messages through Jeremy and be shared after your experience. These sessions have the ability to provide an overall sense of balance to one’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

60 minutes for $111

Intuitive Spiritual Reading & Energy Healing Session Package

This is a combination package of a 30 minute Intuitive Spiritual Reading and a 60 minute Energy Healing Session with Jeremy. This is highly recommended for those who want Intuitive guidance about themselves and what areas they most need healing in. These sessions allow Jeremy ample amount of time to gain insight on a situation and then proceed to focus on those areas with energy work.

90 minutes for $144 ($155 value)

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