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    Growing up Jeremy was raised in the Catholic faith, but was always drawn to the mystical and magical spiritual paths that honor and revere nature and the animal kingdom, such as the ways of the Native Americans. During a deep meditation The Blessed Mother Mary appeared to Jeremy and taught him how to integrate his ancestral Catholic faith with a variety of the worlds religions and spiritual practices. She has revealed to him the similarities that are held in all spiritual paths, and he credits her for most of the information he receives during his sessions.

Upon entering the spiritual community Jeremy had found that some of the concepts were a bit hard to grasp and seemed typically un-relatable. Jeremy's mission is to create a practical approach to spirituality and create tools and exercises tailored to each individual. This is important so that more people can reach peace, healing, and discover a better understanding of who they are.

Jeremy has always held a sense of intuitive knowing and empathetic nature, going back to a very early age. In 2013, his gifts opened up in a way he never thought possible and they continue to blossom and evolve every single day. Jeremy is an Intuitive Spiritual Empath, which means that he uses his Intuition (the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, or conscious reasoning) and being Empathic ( the ability to be able to sense/feel what others are feeling, either emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally or energetically) to facilitate his sessions. In his sessions, Jeremy becomes a Spiritual Medium, a bridge between this World and the Spirit World. He can connect you with a wide array of energies from Passed loved ones, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides, Saints, Animal Totems, or your Higher-Self. 

Jeremy is always seeking out new spiritual practices and beliefs to share with his clients to aide them in their own spiritual journey. He considers himself "Spiritually Eclectic" which means that he doesn't follow one set path, but rather he discovers the parts of Spiritual practices that resonate most with his soul and incorporates those into his teachings and personal practice. Because of this path Jeremy reaches people from all walks of life, from Pagans to Christians and everyone in between. A direct relationship with our one Creator is at the center of Jeremy's beliefs,

In addition to Spirituality, the realm of Art has always been a saving grace in Jeremy's life. Since early childhood, he has always sought after art as a salvation. The escape that art gave to Jeremy is something he wishes to share with each person he encounters. Now, he strives to bring out the creative side in each individual and combine Art with Spirituality to foster a unique healing experience. Jeremy also creates Spiritually fueled art pieces that are filled with positive intention and healing energy that help people on their journey and navigate them towards healing. Jeremy is honored to be utilizing his gifts to help others & is grateful to be a part of your Journey.

"Mitakuye Oyasin -We are all connected"

                                    - A Native Lakota Sioux Prayer.

     ''Jeremy has a real kind and gentle spirit that I noticed right away. Getting a reading from him was one of the smartest   things I have ever done. He was the push I needed to move forward in living my life purpose. I am so looking forward to my next reading from him!''


''I met Jeremy about a year ago and I was drawn to his amazing energy. So welcoming and heartwarming. His readings are always given with so much wisdom and truth. I have been able to connect with my spirit guides, past lives and Saints through his channeling. He has helped guide and reawaken my gifts and personal journey. I always look forward to when I have an upcoming reading scheduled with him. He is a bright light that the world needs

and I am happy to call him my friend!''


''Jeremy is truly a gifted and compassionate person! Upon our first appointment, I discovered how very caring, intuitive and compassionate Jeremy is. He utilizes all his resources, guides and special people in your life that have passed to give a meaningful and impactful reading. I was amazed at the accuracy of his messages. I have met with Jeremy several times over the past 6 months and will continue to do so because his readings have been extremely positive and helpful for me. I am sure you will find how helpful Jeremy is too!''


''I must say that Jeremy is an outstanding and gifted new reader on the scene. He is very young, but his readings reflect a maturity beyond his twenty-one years. There is no doubt he is receiving messages and directions and insights from the other side. He astounds you with his right-on input regarding your family and friends who have transitioned. It is so comforting to receive direct communications when he channels Archangel Michael. This opens one up to new directions, and the love from the other side just emanates from him. I am telling all my friends, most of whom are metaphysical enthusiasts like myself, to utilize the in-depth feedback that Jeremy will provide. His readings leave you with a sense of being guided and in good hands with your angels, spirit guides, and your loved ones assisting you in your earthly journey.  Do not miss an opportunity for a reading!''


"My experience with Jeremy was just what my soul needed! I received guidance, love and confirmation about my path! He hit the nail right on the head from the start! He also has devotion to Jesus and Mother Mary among others from the heavenly realms! I'd recommend him to anyone!"


''I recommend going.  Jeremy is the best reader I have ever went to! He is amazing!''


''I met Jeremy for the first time today for an intuitive reading. He definitely has a God given gift to be able to hear messages from our loved ones who have crossed over. I was amazed. I've had psychic readings before, but I have never met anyone like Jeremy. I am so happy that I have found  Jeremy.''


​''I love Jeremy's readings - the information that comes through is to the point and he gives practical advice in a loving, supportive way! Go today - you'll be happy you did!''


''I had my first reading with Jeremy at the anniversary celebration. It was beyond my expectations!  Everything was on the mark and he shared new insights which has helped me along my journey.  I then scheduled a full session. Well, that did not disappoint either. It was amazing! So much information to absorb.  I recommend a session to everyone.''  


''I first met Jeremy  – an intuitive reader  in March of 2016.  I found Jeremy to be very intuitive, knowledgeable, and an expert at his craft.  However, what has drawn me back to visit Jeremy is his kind heart, positive attitude, and his instinctive desire to truly help people with his amazing gift. Jeremy has impacted my life by giving me the necessary tools I need to make some positive life changes I was seeking.  He is an incredible human being with a truly amazing gift.''



MEET Jeremy James-

 Spiritual Medium, Reiki Master,

 Aura Artist, Workshop Facilitator